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Tin Roof, Flat Roof, Facades, PREFA Roof and special designs


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Wilhelm Stadler Gmbh
Your reliable Tinsmith in 4210 Gallneukirchen

The roof is the one part of a building’s exterior that has to endure the most physical stress. A roof has to withstand temperatures of up to 80°C in summer, due to direct sunlight, and minus 20°C and lower during winter. On top of that, come wind, rain, snow and ice roofs depending on weather conditions. The rood must therefore also be capable of bearing appropriate loads, as well as being stormproof.

To meet all these requirements the experience and expertise of a professional tinsmith are required. Wilhelm Stadler GmbH from Gallneukirchen will ensure that your roof is best equipped to deal with these extreme effects.

Wilhelm Stadler GmbH: The experienced tinsmith in the heart of the Mühlviertel

Wilhelm Stadler GmbH was established in 1969. As a result of craftsmanship, professional, and reliable work, a highly qualified workforce, the deployment of precision machinery and premium-quality, first-class materials, our company can look proudly back at a long and successful history. Our roofs are built to last many decades and withstand all types of adverse weather conditions. Our traditional family-run company guarantees high standards of quality in all aspects of tinsmith work.


Our company has more than 20 employees, ranging from apprentices to master tinsmiths, all of whom are anxious to meet your requests and wishes.

We are your point of contact for all of your tinsmith requirements including:

  • Construction of tin-, flat- and steep-roofs
  • Installation of photo-voltaic panels, solar technology and VELUX windows
  • Installation of sandwich panels
  • Purpose-built items for complex architectural designs
  • Construction and installation of sheet-metal facades
  • Installation of rain- and water-collector containers
  • Repair and maintenance work for roofs and roof gutters

Should you have any special questions or if you wish to book an appointment with us, please feel free to contact us personally. We are available Monday –Thursday from 07.00 – 12.00 and 13.00 -16.30, as well as Fridays from 07.00 -12.00. Just call us on +43 7235 63106.